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The Credentials:

Dr. Tukuitonga is an experienced and respected international public health expert with strong leadership and organisational management skills. He has held many senior roles in the health sector and beyond that have equipped him for the Regional Director position, including experience working within the World Health Organization.

The Passion:

Dr. Tukuitonga has dedicated his 40 year career to working towards a world that is healthier. He has demonstrated a deep passion for the WPR, its people and their health. Dr. Tukuitonga believes in the potential of the World Health Organization, and will pursue his vision for the WPR with the same passion that has driven him throughout his career.

A Pacific Voice:

As a Niuean New Zealander, Dr. Tukuitonga will bring a Pacific voice to the Regional Director position for the first time. Dr. Tukuitonga brings with him a deep understanding of the issues that face the WPR and a commitment that he will advocate for all their interests.


"The Western Pacific Region is large and diverse – we must recognise that different countries have different needs, and act accordingly."