The Priorities

In pursuit of his vision, Dr. Tukuitonga will focus on five strategic priorities:

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1. A fair share for the WPR

The WPR receives 12% of the total WHO budget – a share that is projected to decline. Furthermore, the global WHO NCD budget is being reduced by close to 25% in 2018-2019. This reduction is of particular concern for the WPR where NCDs are the leading public health challenge. Dr. Tukuitonga is committed to strengthening this allocation through: seeking a review of the WPR budget and priorities; increasing resource mobilisation efforts within the region with traditional donors; and building partnerships with others, like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.



2. Successful responses to regional priorities

Health priorities in the Pacific can and do differ from priorities in Asia. For example, the Pacific faces specific negative impacts from climate change, whereas Asia carries a higher burden of infectious disease. Dr Tukuitonga is committed to ensuring the WHO addresses local priorities by recognising these differences and working together with WHO country offices and member states to address them.


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3.  Quality health care for all

Dr. Tukuitonga will pursue “quality health care for all,” in line with the wider WHO Universal Health Coverage agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. He will work to ensure sustainable financing for health, availability of appropriate health care workers and availability of fit-for-purpose services for the context. By developing strong partnerships and securing commitments from local governments, Dr. Tukuitonga will work towards a region where everyone can access quality health care services without facing financial hardship.



4. A culture of excellence,
innovation & learning

Successful outcomes result from the efforts of great people. To attract and maintain the best people to work for the WPR, it is essential that the working environment fosters excellence, innovation, and learning. Dr. Tukuitonga is committed to leading organisational reform to increase staff morale, improve development opportunities, strengthen internal communications, break down silos, and ensure that the workforce is reflective of the entire WPR region.


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5. Effective leadership
& management

Dr. Tukuitonga will provide strong and effective leadership in the WPR. Working closely with senior management he will engage proactively with all member states, demonstrating transparency and accountability across all WHO programmes. As evidenced by his success in other organisations, Dr. Tukuitonga will lead a process of change to lift the impact of WHO’s work in the Western Pacific and ensure a more efficient use of resources. Dr. Tukuitonga will focus on the achievement of positive and concrete results.